Thursday, April 24, 2014

FAQ: So you're considering doing a Giveaway with A2M

First of all, thank you for considering joining a giveaway with us! Hopefully this will answer many of your general questions.

For the giveaway itself I will set it up on Rafflecopter. The entrants are then required to "like" or "favorite" pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy etc, or tweet about the giveaway, make a blog comment, things like that. Whatever you decide, since I asked you to join.

I usually run the giveaway for a week or two. The winner is chosen randomly through Rafflecopter. What it's meant to do is bring lots of traffic to your page(s)!

Addicted to Mickey is a licensed travel agent with Magical Vacations by Me with a specialization in Disney Travel. While we love our fellow TAs, we request that our giveaway partners NOT be travel agents. Thank you in advance for understanding.

I will share the giveaway daily at various times on the Addicted to Mickey Facebook page. I ask that you commit to sharing the giveaway a minimum of three times a week on your business page(s) at various times of day to hopefully attract different audiences. It's also suggested and preferable to share on your personal page as well if at all possible.

The blog post will also be on our Pinterest. You may want to share separately on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and any of your other social media outlets for the most possible "reach".

I request that you not run any other giveaways at the same time that ours is running.

There is no cost to participate in the giveaway other than the cost of the item(s) you are donating.

In some cases there may be a few various products/companies and/or Facebook pages involved in a giveaway, usually with the same theme (ie: all having to do with Maleficent or particular holiday etc...). This is designed to bring more exposure to the giveaway and again, bring more traffic and attention to your page(s).

I will notify the winner via email and a post to the Addicted to Mickey after verifying that they have completed the process properly (that they have "liked" the pages etc...), and then provide you the mailing information. The winner will typically have 24 hours to respond. If I don't hear back from them I will run the Rafflecopter again and choose another winner. NOTE: If the product is something that will be customized or chosen in some way by the winner, I will provide you the contact information and you will then communicate directly with them to fulfill their prize. You will then send the prize to the winner so there is less risk of damage or loss between too many hands. I request that this be done in a reasonable time, usually two weeks or less from the time I notify you of the winner's information. If that's not possible because of unforeseen circumstances please keep in touch and keep me advised so that I can inform the winner of the situation.

Many of our giveaway partners choose to submit an item for "Review" as well as an item for a giveaway. The review makes the giveaway more "personal". One of my writers will review an item from your shop, sometimes even reviewing the "process" and "customer service", and write it into a blog article. Once the article is posted I share it on the FB page and it will have a link to your shop and FB page as well; even Pinterest if you want.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is a Fish Extender?

If you have ever been on a Disney Cruise, it is almost certain you have seen these pocket things hanging outside some cabins. If you have wondered what they are and what they are for, then your questions are about to be answered. These are called "Fish Extenders".

A fish extender is just what you see in the picture above, a bunch of pockets that are hung from fish outside of a cabin that has the cabin number on it. With the remodeling of ships, Disney has been using shells and seahorses as a number plate also. But since at the time there were only fish cabin number plates, the term started as, and remained, fish extender. The number of pockets can vary by how many people are in the cabin and participating in the Fish Extender Exchange. These fish extenders can be hand-sewn, bought online, or pieced together from anything that creates pockets.

The purpose of a fish extender is to receive fish extender gifts. These gifts are either store-bought or home-made gifts. They are usually Disney related in some way. But sometimes they are small gifts that represent an area that people come from. These can be neat gifts when people are from another country. Gifts can range in price and imagination. It is totally up to the giver as to what or how much they give. Some fish extender gifts include coozies, candy, magnets, key chains, first-aid kits, cups, light cards, coasters, and pirate themed items for pirate night. People have different ways of giving, as usually there are no set rules. Some give one gift per cabin, others one per person. And even others give multiple gifts per person, spread out over the length of the sailing. People deliver their gifts at all times of the day and night. But part of the fun is to try to make sure you do not get caught!!

The fun of participating in a Fish Extender Exchange is to meet new friends from around the country, and around the world. Many groups that form will have a meet and greet before the ship sails. Some of the fun for me is to give some of my Disney Addiction and enthusiasm to others I hope feel the same. But also it is to see the fun ideas other Disney Addicts come up with. Of course the smiles on my kids' faces are priceless when they see great toys or crafts inside their pocket. I like to get my kids involved in the making of the gifts too, for added excitement.

If you are planning a Disney Cruise, and want to look into participating in a Fish Extender Exchange, all you need to do is search Facebook and disboards for "Fish Extender" and you will find groups that are available to join. Fish Extender Exchanges is not officially recognized or promoted by the Disney Cruise Line. If you have any questions about Fish Extenders or how it works, visit my webpage at and I will be glad to answer.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Flower and Garden Festival: Fleur de Lys-Confit de Canard

This year my duck loving husband was super excited to see duck on the menu during the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. We stopped at the Fleur de Lys in the "France" pavilion to get him his dish.

Confit canard, pommes de Terre sarladaise. In other words it's pulled duck confit with garlic and parsley potatoes. He said it was really good. The duck looked like pulled pork, with a nice glazed sauce on it. Underneath was a dollop of the garlic and parsely potatoes. He says it was some really good duck. The small dish was 5.50

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dixie Landings/Port Orleans Riverside Review

I’ve been visiting Walt Disney World since 1996.  My family and I went down for a week in late April/early May for a week and stayed at Dixie Landings.  Being a family of five, it was always hard trying to find places to travel to without having to rent two hotel rooms.  We chose Dixie Landings because the Alligator Bayou section of Dixie Landings had a trundle bed that allowed five guests in a room.  I had grown up on all things Disney, but had never visited a park before.  My mom bought the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World along with the Birnbaum guide.  I read both books from front to back to memorize everything about the resort, the parks and everything else.

Once we arrived on property, I remember looking around and taking it all in.  We were in antebellum south with names of major cities and ports above us.  There was a TV playing cartoons in the lobby, so my brothers and I went there while my parents checked in.  Once we had our arrival packet with the resort map, park maps, times guides and our Key to the World cards, it was off to our room with luggage in tow.

The resort, a moderate, has all the looks and feels of a deluxe resort without the price.  Whenever we have stayed there in the years since, we always choose rooms in the Alligator Bayou section because of how comfortable they are.  There are three small pools in the Alligator Bayou section which are almost always empty.  The main pool on Ol’ Man Island is the busiest pool.  Guests wanting to stay in plantation style rooms can choose the Magnolia Bend section of the resort.  There are also two pools in this section.  The resort has a marina with rental boats that you can take all the way to Downtown Disney.  There's also a fishing hole and bar on Ol' Man Island. We always enjoyed a paddle boat trip around the area, usually going to Port Orleans French Quarter and turning back.  The food court, located in the main building, is complete with a working water wheel.  What a beauty it is too!  I feel the food court is one of, if not the best, on property.  Inside the main building is a full service restaurant that we’ve never eaten at, but have heard wonderful reviews of.  You can’t forget “Ye Ha Bob" at the River Roost Lounge Bar - he’s not to be missed!  Also in the main building is a large gift shop (one of the largest resort gift shops).

For anyone wanting a great family or romantic atmosphere, this resort should be at the top of your list.  I cannot recommend it enough!  I’ve always wanted to become a Disney Vacation Club owner, and have said that if Port Orleans Riverside ever becomes a DVC resort, I want to be the first to buy into it!

(Here’s a tip, when booking, ask for a room in a preferred location – buildings 14, 15, 18, and 27.  I also recommend buildings 17 and 26.  These are all close to a small pool, the main building, and the bus stop.)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mom Approved Costumes $30 E-Gift Card Giveaway

A2M has partnered with another fabulous company to bring you amazing merchandise.  All Mom Approved Costumes are comfortable with no itchy underskirts or fabrics, completely finished seams and hems, and no buttons or ties to frustrate little fingers! Machine washable. Stretchy, soft and very comfortable-perfect for everyday play! The stretch bodices accommodate a variety of sizes making each size more versatile. Beautiful and won't shed glitter everywhere. Comes in S-XL. Sells for $29.99. Check her out here: Mom Approved Costumes

Friday, April 11, 2014

Flower and Garden; Lotus House Popping Bubble tea

I look forward to any time I find a place that has bubble tea. It has become something I get when I go to the mall, and now at the Flower and Garden Festival! I was so happy they brought it back. This wonderful treat is located at the Lotus House in China.

Bubble tea, for those who do not know, is a really sweet tea blend. It almost tastes like tea with sugar and a little coffee added. At the bottom are jelly tapioca (balls or bubbles). You drink the tea and the tapioca balls. They are sucked up through a fat straw and you chew on them. They are totally edible and kinda neat to chew. If you have ever had orbitz as a kid this is kinda what the orbitz balls tasted like.

You receive a nice size glass for only $5.25.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

AOS Design Necklace Review

As a mommy to a fashionista three year old, it is often hard to find jewelry that not only looks beautiful but is durable enough to be handled by a toddler. Well, when my Cinderella Pearl Cage Carriage necklace by AOS Design arrived in its delicate pink sachet, I was excited and surprised. Finally, a piece of jewelry which I felt confident in sharing with my little princess. The carriage itself was big enough and durable enough that I didn't give a single thought to accidental choking, or swallowing, of the well encased black pearl. The chain on which it came, was a sturdy silver chain, which I was confident could outlast any day at the playground, and it did.

Opening jewelry in front of my little princess is basically an invitation for her to wear it, so she did, all day. It was magical. She wanted everyone to share in her joy of her Mommy's necklace which she got to wear. She made everyone at the playground look at it, and respond to the question, "Don't you think it's beautiful", to which everyone of course confirmed. She kept referring to it as her "special mommy princess" necklace, which made not only the necklace, but the day, that much more special.

So, if you are looking for a gift for a fellow mommy, a child with impeccable fashions sense, or anyone in between, a necklace from AOS Design is sure to do the trick. Beautiful, durable, and Disney themed, you really cannot go wrong!